Golf Facilities
As a member or guest of Monterez Golf & Country Club, you are assured of our excellent service where your needs for living and leisure await the presence of you and your family. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and reward yourself with a retreat at Monterez where you will discover a world of difference. Monterez offers the weary urbanite an idyllic retreat to nature with resort facilities, steeped in the highest traditions of leisure.

18-Hole Golf Course
Opening Hours : 7am - 12am
(Monday - Friday)
7am - 7pm
(Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)

Monterez offers golfers an infinite array of challenges. Its scenic 18-hole par 71 sprawls over 123 acres, featuring terraces, lakes, ponds and man-made waterfalls. These features create a golfer's paradise that stimulates both mind and soul with its sheer beauty and inherent challenges each time you have a game of golf. Amidst the picturesque winding fairways and sloping greens, spacious landscapes have been superbly sculpted to perfection. The sight of shimmering ponds and waterfalls will definitely take your breath away.

Monterez golf course is the true test of course management. At 5,738 metres it may be short, but golfer who wants to shoot below his handicap must be able to control his drives on the tight fairway and avoid hazards that come into play. The big but wayward hitters may opt to leave his No.1 wood in the bag and concentrate instead on keeping the ball in play. To offset the short holes, a variety of hazards that include bunkers on the tiftway fairways and around the greens as well as OBs running alongside fairways and water that comes into play at least nine holes were incorporated.

The tifdwarf greens are always in the fine putting condition, but the undulating surfaces provide the club options to test golfers' nerves and skills by a varied choice of difficult pin placements. Half of the course is constructed against hillsides so there is a tendency for the greens to slope from one side to another.

Day Golfing
Tee-off : 7am - 4pm
(Monday - Sunday)

Night Golfing
Tee-off : 4pm - 7pm
(Monday - Friday except Public Holiday)

Monterez offers night golfing and should you be unable to avail yourself for the day game, night golfing is available on weekdays. The beauty of Monterez at night is simply outstanding. The hazards are clearly visible and the course is well lit throughout.
Monterez Driving Range
Opening Hours : 10am - 10.30pm
(Monday - Sunday)

The golf course's many attractions are complemented by a fifty-bay, two-tier driving range. From beginners to the experienced players who seek that extra edge can benefit from our professional training faculty. Applied with a state-of-the-art techniques and programmes designed to cater for individual needs, this professional guidance will take your golfing skills to greater heights. It may not be long before you realize your full potential to display your golfing skills.
Practice Green
Opening Hours : 7am - 10pm
(Monday - Sunday)

Situated alongside the Monterez Driving Range and golf course is the practice green. It provides golfers the opportunity to fine-tune their skills before venturing out to improve their scores. Improve your golf game! Chip and putt your way to lower scores!

"Golf should be learned starting at the cup and progressing back toward the tee.
The more time spent practicing putting, the better golf scores you will turn in."
- Harvey Penick

Monterez Pro Shop & Rental Services
Opening Hours : 7am - 7pm
(Monday - Sunday)

A round of golf will not be complete without a smart mix of complementing golf accessories. Monterez Pro Shop offers a variety of golf accessories and rental services to amateurs and professionals alike. Merchandise ranges from sunscreen, sunshades, tee shirts, golf balls, golf sets, bags and shoes that are constantly changing to include the newest styles and colours. Golfers have a variety of styles and price ranges to choose from. It is the finest place to shop for your favourite golf accessories.

For more information or reservations, please call (603) 7846 5989 ext 19/45.
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